The inner feeling
The inner feeling
In which they are hidden
There's no power of healing
The things that are forbidden

A little, tiny, very small
Peeking through the wall
Short, not very tall
The most whimsical of us all

Power we cannot see
The ghastly things are up for a walk
The prisoners are we
Suddenly we're not able to talk

A dried fiend,
A false end,
At least it can make us understand

All the faces we won't see
All the places in which we cannot be
For all, we can't make ourselves free
- - -
Copyright Tricia Johansson, written 2017.

No power of healing

"This is the story about a traumatic event which caused a brother to be severely ill and a sister to never run out of hope.
A story of a poor family, a rich family and their neighbor without a family."
Genre: Mystery/horror
Status: Ongoing. Follow the story on Wattpad and Inkitt.
You can also follow the story on nopowerofhealing.wordpress.com

Mina sinnen ljuger inte

Swedish ongoing story. Information and story available on minasinnenljugerinte.wordpress.com.

The inner feeling

An ongoing poetry collection. Follow the project on Inkitt.

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The inner feeling - English (Poetry collection)
Mina sinnen ljuger inte - Swedish (Novel/story)
No power of healing - English (Novel/story)
En sagoberattares samling - Swedish (Fairy tale collection with illustrations)
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