Midnight Stars EP

1. Midnight stars
2. The Change
3. Somber
4. Somewhere in my memory
5. A night prelude
6. Somewhere in my memory - Bonus viola

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Books & eBooks

Swedish books:
Glasmurar - book (2017)
Glasmurar - ebook (2012)
Pillemariska noveller (2014)
Dyrgripar (2014)
Trixie & Truls (2019)

English books:
Tricios digital sketch book vol 1 (2019)
Scribbling Trix - digital sketch book and poetry scribbles (2019)
The inner feeling (2019)
"The inner feeling" will be available as a physical book and will be distributed to more channels later.
For now it's only available as an ebook on It's a swedish writing site, but the book is in English of course.


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Some ebooks also available on all the common online book stores such as Adlibris, Cdon, Amazon etc.


Available on all common swedish and english book stores such as Amazon, Adlibris, Bokus, Cdon etc.
Also available on my Author Spotlight on Lulu

"Tricios digital sketch book vol 1" is available as a physical book on Solentro only. Click here!

"Scribbling Trix - digital sketch book and poetry scribbles" is available as a physical book on Lulu only. Click here!

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